You remember Judy, who used to work in my office? 

Please offer prayers for the repose of the soul of her brother Tom who passed away recently.  He suffered with ALS – Lou Gehrig’s disease.  He is survived by his wife, and I’m not sure if they had any children.

I received word that Judy is on her way to Iowa for the funeral.  Prayers for her safe travel and  for healing of the family.  Or for whatever you like to pray for in moments like these.  Just wanted to get the word out to friends in the area.


One thought on “Prayers

  1. Thanks for all the prayers. Tom was blessed with 3 sons, 2 daughter in laws, and 3 grandchildren who helped him in his journey home. He always had a smile for everyone although he was unable to speak or move his arms the last year. It was a 2 1/2 year struggle that he did unquestioning his faith in the Lord to take care of him. He was a blessing for all of us. I will truly miss that smile but the memories are such a comfort.


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