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I was very anxious about tomorrow, took him with me, at his insistence, to dye Easter eggs with heart-family as a first non-medical outing, Saturday. Then welcomed the invite to more heart-family for Easter Sunday and had him make it a solo visit because of not only previous commitments, but it was also  an excursion with a safety net.  Probably more to get my heart ready for Monday than his I think.  He did great.  We are blessed with such a wonderful growing set of “heart family”!

And after he left I was starting to feel my emotions project to Monday- “what if something happens, what if he can’t handle it, what if he gets too tired, what if the swelling gets out of control, what if, what if” spiraling out of control.   Something told me to STOP  and to PRAY.  I’m learning to listen more and more to that Voice, so I did. 

I prayed that God, who I forgot for a moment has had this all along has this still and will hold us in His Hands and guide Jeff and myself through the day.  To take my anxiety and give me peace to enjoy our time together and to know that He will never give us more than we can handle, so tomorrow is fine, no worries. 

And then it came to me what did I expect?  The man I married doesn’t hide from things, he plays hurt, he stands up and meets them straight on, that is who he is.  So it doesn’t matter what happens tomorrow, we’ll see it through and Trust.

When I Stop and Pray AND Listen I am truly tasting “the Peace that defies understanding” and it is heavenly.

PS Giving credit where credit is due, I think Jeff does that without having to Stop first, I’m just sayn’.


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