So good to be Alive!

It occurred to me Saturday while I was driving around between retreats which, I was really looking forward to and going home to do nursing duties which have been “normal” daily life, that to live in the Spirit really means to be totally ALIVE.  How’d I get there?

To be truly present where you are at the moment, aware of all the little Graces that are happening all the time and not missing the beauty that is all around us.  

That smile when you weren’t expecting it, the friend that calls and is so easy to talk with, the holding of a door when your hands are full, that sunset that takes your breath away, the way the sunshine lights up a cloud there are a million of them… That’s what not only gets you through the day, but makes it wonderful. 

Like Papa BXVI says  – “People of Hope, live differently.”   Because you see things differently.  Not because you will it to be so but because the Truth is so apparent to you and the Truth is so VIBRANT!  

So don’t forget to ask the Spirit to open your heart today – I thought I was living before, I don’t ever want to go back to walking around with only partial sight – this is really Living and I love it so!


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