need to lower my expectations for Shangrila South

My irritation is my fault really.  We all have these types of things happen. 

I should remember and expect no more  – Bigger is often not better and if a large institution streamlines a process, and one little click is missed, then there will be trouble!

Nothing too huge, just annoying really at first, until my displeasure was more related to how it affected Jeff’s physical and mental well being than the fact that it occurred.   I’ve matured some.  Well at least it’s good to know I can hold it together. 

First –  We didn’t get a call from Dr. D’s secretary Wed as to when our appt was for the tests Thursday.  So a call and fax when I get back from work Wed night- for first thing this AM, all’s well, no big…

Jeff wakes up Sassy and is understandably very frustrated and wants this all to be over.  Definitely not a happy dude before we leave.  O.K. help work through that…

Then we get to Winship Cancer Center,  Building C level, 2 at the oncology lab room where we were just the day before and – “Oh we don’t have any paperwork for you, let me check the desk” … “No, nothing there either, you must have misunderstood.” 

O.K. so, we wait for the elevator to go back down to Plaza,…

Get down to Labs and Radiology on Plaza and “No you’re not here, you’re supposed to get the labs up on 2”. 

 You have got to be kidding me!  Tired eye roll and look to me from Jeff and Snap! goes Linda G. into protect my Love mode, tempered with a quick – God give me more compassion from my mouth than I feel coming from my head,” O.K. here’s the deal”…I tell them what happened, what can we do?”

  ‘Well I don’t know Mam,  you’re in the computer for upstairs.”  

“Alright, I’m sure you can see that my husband looks tired he’s had to go sit down by this time and his doctor wants him to get these labs done today and he also has a CAT scan downstairs on T at 1:45pm…this at 1:30p so?” 

Large sigh “Well I guess if you have his insurance and driver’s license we can put him in the system down here and do the labs.”

Breathe – ‘Thank you”.  

Sit down and wait… Lab man from 2 comes downstairs to the desk…”What’s going on? You know you didn’t have any paperwork upstairs…” 

I would like to point out that although I have from time to time been described as “aggressive, direct, forward, brutally honest” etc.   I have made great great progress and didn’t do anything but look at the front desk and point and say “please speak with them.”   

I conclude that one hitch in the institutional giddy-up -for whatever the reason-and the big machine breaks down all over you. 

Jeff is such a trooper.  He felt a lot better, again yesterday but the up and down and sit here no there, then let us stick you with this, drink all that and lay here and don’t breathe, then breathe.  He was a tired puppy and had to watch Pitt rout Xavier from bed.


3 thoughts on “need to lower my expectations for Shangrila South

  1. No matter how big the system, it is still just people – connect with the people and the system works for you so the trick is to make it personal – doing very well with that! How are the hives? We are still cheering and praying for you!


    • You’re right, have to concentrate on being “on” as I like to think of it. you have a great way of putting things in perspective for me.


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