Grace sufficient

Living moment to moment, means trusting that God has the future however long that is for us as individuals, surrendering things to Him, making the most of each opportunity He gives…these are some of the lessons we’ve been blessed with through all this.

Another is to pray each day for God’s Grace  2 Cor 12:9   –  Philippians 4:6-7 1 Peter 5:10-11

In short – each day God gives us the Grace to get through what is coming to us that day.  We go no place He has not gone before and paved the way and living in that Grace is all we need. 

In particular I was struck by this on the day of Jeff’s surgery. 

After Dr. Delman came out and talked with us, I was still I for lack of a better term, unsettled.  And what happened next was odd – God  in how easily it flowed…There were three women and a baby with them: a grandmother, whose husband was having a quadruple by-pass; her two adult daughters and her grand-baby.  We had seen them all day.  I people watch, what can I say?

It turns out the grandmother is retired from St. Peter Claver and had come to speak at SPX, so we seen each other before.  We talked on and off, the baby paid little attention to us.  

Shortly after Dr. D had left, the mother sat down in the chair opposite me and sat the baby looking right at me.  

He had the clearest blue eyes that looked out at  me, then smiled, laughed and cooed.  I asked if I would be able to hold him.  His mother was happy to have a babysitter for a little while, she had to keep taking him out throughout the day, as the admins made it clear that any fussing wasn’t welcome.  

 She and the grandmother talked with Linda, while I was entranced with the baby and he with me.  I talked with him about all sorts of things and he laughed and smiled and waved his hands…and then after a while fell gently asleep on my shoulder.   I have no idea how long I conversed with him, but as I did I felt my tension fall away.  By the time he fell asleep I was at Peace, content too.  

That baby took to me and I to him like a fish to water and that was  Grace.  My tension fell away because of that Grace.  His mother received a break to relax during a difficult surgery for her father, that was a Grace.  Linda conversed and shared and soothed, Grace.   I mostly have the clear feeling it left me with.   Because of that Peace:  I could go up to Jeff’s room; get him settled; and be at peace to leave him for the night.  Without that interlude with the baby I don’t believe it would have played out so O.K. 

Grace for the day.  

There have been a number of such small and large Graces and I have learned to pray for it each day, the Grace sufficient for the day.  I’m just sayn’.


2 thoughts on “Grace sufficient

  1. Hi girlfriend,

    I like your post. I had an aha moment of grace tonight. Christopher invited a friend over tonight. Friends dropped by unexpectedly. We just stopped spinning our wheels and visited. A zillion tasks were calling my name. Silently, I asked God to breathe His holy peace. As I looked around, I realized that I was blessed to take the better part and enjoy the gift of being present.

    I will continue to lift you and Jeff in prayer as you move through this next stage of the journey. Peace be always with you, Lisa


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