lemons into lemonade type moment

Mil leaves early this morning for the Burgh. And with her my sense of security through the ups and downs of this recovery period or so I thought.

The whole hive incident of the last two days has helped me to feel more capable to deal with all this medicalness. I mean this in a good way and she smiled and laughed when I told her, but her not being able to figure out the source of the hives and beings baffled made me feel better – it’s exactly where I am. I pray for insight all the time with all this and bam – call Dr. Mike and so I did and he was great as usual! And Jeff is feeling more at ease, if irritated by the hives. So I guess I can handle this on my own. I’ll just have to pray for guidance, and use common sense. It won’t be easy, but at least I know I can do this. We can do this.

She feels torn about going, but like she said she can always fly back if we need her. I’m going to sleep until Jeff’s 4a Benedryl call.


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