Mil and the Fat Tuesday Binge and something more

Mil and I took Fat Tuesday very seriously, which Jeff found very amusing.  Pancakes with sausage and bacon for dinner – cleaning out the larder for Lent of course followed by after-dinner Rum and Cokes, followed by Mrs. Publix cake and Baskin and Robins Rocky Road ice cream…I’ll need six weeks to work that off.

On the spiritual side of Fat Tuesday, yes there is a spiritual side, I felt the need to get myself to the Monastery today, I wanted to replace another Scriptural Rosary book, more on that later, it’s good but there was something else.  I didn’t know what, it just felt right to be there.  When I got out of the car, the first thing that hit me was silence, complete and utter silence which for me is the sound of Peace. 

In the store I browsed the tables, shelves and racks, looking at many wonderful things.  I asked the Holy Spirit for guidance to choose the most meaningful things for me and anyone else this Lent.  I’m not noble, I’m like a kid in a candy store with books I needed Temperance! 

I stopped at the Lenten selections table and came upon an interesting book that takes you through the Stations of the Cross with sketches, brief parts of the Psalms and reflection questions.   Christ’s Passion, The Way of the Cross: A Guide to understanding your path by Mary Beth Young  –  I ate that up as there were only two copies and felt a niggling at the back of my mind that I needed another one to share with someone during Lent.

A light went on when I saw the new copy of Magnificat for Jeff as he’s MIA for Mass for the next few weeks, which he didn’t grouse about when I told him.  And found a book that spiritually dissects the Anima Christi, the newest of the Traditional prayers to capture me.   I pray it during the proscribed times of after receiving Holy Communion and during Adoration and in times of stress.  Anima Christi: Soul of Christby Mother Mary Francis P.C.C.

I needed the new Scriptural Rosary book because like I said I gave another one away.  Linda M came to visit with Jeff at Emory and to take me out to lunch for a break, which was delightful.  We talked in the room visiting with Jeff for a while before we left for lunch.  We walked across campus chatting.  At the traffic light to cross to Doc Chey’s she looked over and made a comment about admiring my necklace.  It is a white ceramic grotto type medal with the BVM in the center,  with silver corners.  It’s one of my favorites passed down religious items.  A woman who was waiting to cross with us spoke up and asked if she could look at it too.  Linda and I looked at each other but I said sure.  She admired it as well as said she wanted to see it because she is interested in learning more about Mary and the Catholic faith, especially saying the rosary.  Wow!  I said “we can help you out with that!”  

In my mind I saw the book I had in my  purse and knew I was supposed to give it to her.  I wasn’t going to give that one away, I had written some prayers in it, but the urge hit,  and denying it only feels wrong later.  I didn’t have a rosary army rosary to give away, but Linda gave her the web site to request one, explaining what the group did. 

This lady said she’s moved from being what she described as  nothing at all, to Episcopalian.   Linda and I agreed she was right around the corner and ought to just step on into Catholicism!   Linda M. made sure to get this woman set in the right direction of her nearest Catholic church. 

After she walked away, Linda said, “it’s weird you know.  I looked at you in the hospital, on the way to that corner and I saw the medal on your neck, but I didn’t think to say anything about it until right at that moment”.    RIGHT at the moment is right!  Even in the midst of the chaos surrounding Jeff,  there was the Holy Spirit, just moving through three people waiting for a light.  God is too amazing! 

May we make the most of these 40 days…  As Matt Maher’s song goes “Forty days to wander, forty days to die to self… “


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