Ollieism #10

I think physical action should reflect the sincerity of intention and feeling.  

 I trust strong handshakes that grasp you.   

I am comforted by full body hugs that embrace you.   

I feel loved by kisses that are intentional and not in the air.  

I am welcomed by smiles that reach up to your eyes.

I think I get these feelings from “the Ol”, as Jeff called his father-in-law.

Olliesm # 10  if you’re going to do something, do it with everything you’ve got or more accurately quoted- “Don’t do something half- ashtabulaed. Do it whole ashtabulaed or not ashtabulaed at all.”

Mr. Ollie didn’t use the word ashtabula – that one’s mine.    It’s still good advice…I’m just sayn’.


2 thoughts on “Ollieism #10

  1. hmmm 😉

    I am heartened by the festiveness of the new layout. Indicative of good things?

    I imagine Jeff is going full force with his recovery….if not, we can collectively kick his ashtabula to get it in geer.

    (you know how painful it was for me to follw your lead and not be my usual crass self)


  2. Love the bright and sunny new look which I am sure reflects how you are feeling right now with Jeff coming come. Halleluyah


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