Mystery back pain

Jeff is not a wimp. But he just couldn’t stand up today or make it up enough to sit on the edge of the bed.

And although I could explain away the abdominal pains this ripping back pain concerns us greatly.

I am also concerned about the hot and cold flashes and now slightly elevated sugar levels that lead to them giving him a single dose of insulin.

Add to that our doctors are dreading the results if the rectal lymphnode pathology and there went that slightly peaceful feeling.

Prayers that we get past this hurdle. I also think he’s shutting down to me emotionally. Understandable but gives us another thing to work out – what’s he thinking with all this and where is his head?

On the positives he managed to get comfy enough to kick us out because he wanted to get some :serious: sleep.

And although I sadly missed it, there was a visit from some good friends which lifted his spirits.

I can’t remember the saint that said this but – Never say to God enough. Just say I’m ready. I cry uncle

I’m going to sleep.

Thank you to the :group of usual suspects: who are helping us take care of Chloe. It helps a great deal to know she’s settled ; )


One thought on “Mystery back pain

  1. The back pain may just be the scar tissue from his previous surgery stiffening up- his muscles don’t have the same flexibility as others – two major surgeries in two different planes have left him a lot of new “regroupings’ that don’t move together well. Also, the blood sugar changes reflect that he is under stress metabolically with no nutrient intake except IV glucose (our bodies are meant to breaking down things at different speeds, not just straight glucose). Not unexpected to see this, no indication of diabetes, and will resolve when he eats. As to emotional withdrawal, he can’t do “anything” which has got to be so frustrating, so if can’t be physical or yell, then just try to tune it out is a reasonable coping skill. Add to that the way narcotics make you feel (and you know how emotionally disorientating that is!). You both need distractions, company (wish you were not so far away), humor, activity (any activity, even making funny faces) to ease te wait – music maybe? Love and prayers you have always


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