Office of Readings today

I don’t always do the Office and Morning Prayer, usually I feel a time crunch to do either one or the either or I catch the Office of Readings later in the day.   Anyway my way to say that I was led, drawn to the Office of Readings this morning as opposed to Morning prayer which is unusual.  I was interrupted a few times while trying to decide if I was going to do both Morning and the Office,  and then after the excitement died and I made the first few phone calls I was able to settle back down to prayer and looked at the clock and realized the time for the Morning prayer was just about to end, I’d have to do it now, but felt from beyond myself, the Office.  I don’t mean this in a wawaw kind of way, but in a feel it deep inside sort of way.  This happens more and more as I am able to discern it and I’m learning to follow it.   

That all being said If you have access to the Office of Readings for today the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas and if not go to I highly suggest them. 

They resonate with the messages of God delivering, Christ conquering through suffering.  That God never abandons you even though you go are in the desert, you might not have things the way YOU Want them, but you have food, clothes etc. He always provides.  And from Thomas Aquinas, who I usually am not terribly into, but oh there is such a concise way to discuss how you handle suffering, I am so moved thinking about it- read it! You won’t be sorry you took the time.   

At the same time, drat that Aquinas. Just when I thought I had him pegged and I had no further need of him – now I have to go and finish his Summa, just like a man.   :  )   I’m just sayn’.  




2 thoughts on “Office of Readings today

  1. zap? ping? zowie? – it makes more sense if you can hear me say it. as opposed to a deep seated certainty that spread through my being.


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