Sobering Thought

Jeff just pointed out that this election set our generation into the leadership postion of the country. Our generation is taking the reins – oh man, that is a sobering thought. This growing up thing is a wicked fierce reality call. I’m just sayn’ .


3 thoughts on “Sobering Thought

  1. Wow! And I felt old when a highschool classmate became the prosecutor for our small county. This is a tadbit bigger to wrap my head around. 🙂 PS I pray all goes well on Tuesday!


  2. Weird I know. Thanks. Prayers much, much appreciated. I was thinking the miracle was that God would make the source just go away, that was why we couldn’t find it. But I’ve learned through our great medical network of friends, that 50% of small cell neuro endocrine cancer cases the sources are never found and the majority of all cases are in the GI tract. God is so all over this. I have to remember that.


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