A nice break

We went over to visit with Deacon “dad” Bill & Wylone Brandt in AL and had an utterly delightful time.  Jeff really wanted to get away before all the fun starts with this new round of surgery so my sister and her fiance were kind enough to come over and stay with Mom and Chloe and we took off.   And had a lovely time. 

It was great to see our family-friends again and it helped to relieve some of the stress of the upcoming events.   We made plans to do more next time we come, but this time it was relaxed visiting and touring of the area with a stop at our now favorite Springville restaurant, Sal’s.  Also a lot of play time with the new puppy :  )

Jeff and I also found a few treasures at the Antique Mall across the street.  Nothing huge, but things we liked, majorly marked down.   

Tomorrow through Wednesday is work, but I’ll be outf  Thursday as Jeff has his squiga-ma-thingie scope at Emory.


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