One of my favorite TV events!

The Tournament of Roses Parade!

I get all like a kid again.  There are so few things I really look forward to any more.   But when I think of New Year’s Day, besides the Holy Day, Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God –  I think TOURNAMENT OF ROSES PARADE!   “Look at that!  Wow that’s so cool.  Ahhhh   look at the animals – skateboarding dogs!”  I love it.   

I am so amazed at the creativity in the use of all those flowers from all over the world – what a beautiful creation God has given us.   The COLORS and imagination.   It is a dream of mine not only to go sometime, but also to help decorate a float.    

I really like the HGTV coverage of the event.  They do such a good job telling you about the specifics of what was used.  Course you have to sit through the corny spots for their own shows. 

And I tried to catch the Travel Channel preview event that started at 9:00am , but was at church and cooking for most of it, but did catch some of it.  Getting the back story before the parade made it even more interesting. 

And the MARCHING BANDS!  There is such a variety from all over the country  – the world now.  I just love a good band and these are “the best of the best of the best, Sir.”   This band from Mexico is great!

The horses, the donkeys, dancers!

Ornamental kale – first time use on the Huntington Beach float – look at those pelicans!

A band from Bethlehem PA – alright!

And yes I succumbed and entered the Dream Home contest. 

  Oh the Clydesdales!  That Dalmatian wants to jump!

Dancers are more prevalent with this entertainment theme- disco inferno.

The detail on the faces on the Wizard of Oz float -so like the actors amazing.  

This is art.     I’m just sayn’

Happy New Year!

N.B. While I”m in a parade state of mind, whatever happened to the Christmas parade that came from Hawaii after the Macy’s Christmas Day parade I think it was?  Seeing the band from Hawaii made us think of it.


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