At Shangrila South- the details

We got here in really good time with beautiful sunshine filled skies.

So we had delicious breakfast sandwiches juice, and coffee (Mocha Peppermint Patty- yummy) at The Mocha Delites Gourmet Coffee House on the 1st floor
Visitng the social worker consisted of making the co-pay and registering how pedestrian. Since we’re at a Cancer Institute I thought we’d get some sort of wellness resources, but no.

To the Surgical Oncology offices, one floor up and on the other side of the Medical Oncology Unit where we are waiting.

Jeff is purusing the periodicals patiently but with a little edge. There are verses from the bible and great thinkers on the walls Like :A cheerful heart is good medicine: Proverbs 17:22
The waiting roms have long banks of windows down one side with blues and light woods. Jeff noted that it’s a more relaxed atmosphere on this wing of oncology than the medical offices. I wonder if that’s because this side is dealing with taking an action towards something to fight and the other side has the apprehension of the unknown? I know you think too much, but I’m just say’n.


2 thoughts on “At Shangrila South- the details

  1. Change you background so we can see the cheerful snow. I know how you love snow.

    And I think your assessment of the inspirational stuff is probably spot on.

    Continued prayers….


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