We’re back now and I have Jeff’s post whittled down to something digestible. 

As for my two cents, I like Dr. Delman, he seems a “good egg”.  

In reflecting on a conversation with Mrs. Talbot today, a little self searching- I liked his bedside manner, his decision making process, mostly I think because he shared it with us.   There’s a long streak of “I just need to know where you’re coming from, even if I don’t like what you’re telling me”  about me.  Layer pealed :  )

Although his comment about he’s not sure what this surgery will mean for the overall effect, was a little off putting.  when he used the words “survival rate” my eyes got a little large.  Like we discussed in the Element on the way home though, what else do we do?  Nothing?  You have to do something if you can do it. 

I hear Ollie again...”make the best decision you can at the time, based on all the available information you have and then don’t look back.” 

But I’ve definitely made some progress, no tears this time.  I don’t know if I’m building up tolerance to “news” or truly learning what it means to say God has this.


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  1. My dear Linda and Jeff,
    I am reading your latest entry while I am home, foot propped up and all. I am sending my prayers for your peace as you continue the search for simultaneous health. In this winter of your saga, I know that God will bring you Spring. May God’s peace flow through all of those who care for you. Love, Lisa


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