Cullinary Accidents Happen

And sometimes they are delicious!  Sometimes they are not, vanilla and pork… But this is NOT that story.  I’m just sayn’. 

I got the idea to make chocolate truffles because I had some Ghiardeli’s chocolate left from the English Toffee I made for gifts at Christmas.  I figured why not? But they just wouldn’t totally set.  Very frustrating, however, they tasted delicious so…I made pie.  A banana creme chocolate truffle pie to be exact and it is yummy.  

If you’re interested:

to make truffles, which should be 8 ozs semi sweet chocolate, not milk chocolate which is what I had;  covered with 2/3’s cup heated heavy creme not fat free half -half  like I had.  Let sit a few minutes, I did that.  Then mix, chocolate should all melt, that happened too. 

Take 4 Tbs butter and cream it using a hand held mixer with a few tablespoons of Amoretto, or more if you were me.  Mix the liquor butter with the chocolate and put in fridge to set some. 

When it comes out, and still hasn’t set, add a cup or two of finely chopped almonds.  In my case I tried to use the fridge for an hour, then the freezer for 30 mins.   :  ) You can feel free to skip the freezer segment. 

Like I said at the beginning, I had a delicious mistake on my hands, even my husband said so as he took a finger full of chocolate out of the container.  And being me, I just couldn’t throw it out, it was just a matter of finding where I could use it’s giftedness :   )  

So I found some instant banana pudding mix in the pantry, made that as per the directions and added a container of cool whip. 

I baked a pie shell, bless Mrs. Pillsbury,  Cooled the crust and covered the bottom of it with the mistake truffle mix. 

Added a layer of sliced bananas on top of the truffle mix…I mean chocolate liquor pie filling.

Topped the whole thing with the now banana cream mixture. 

Place the creation in the fridge for a couple of hours et voila!


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