Breakfast at Tiffany’s for a day

It was incredible.  Friday I had a total “Chick” day!  Went out to Perimeter Mall with Beth G for the morning and what ended up afternoon, then dinner with Jill. 

Beth and I had a relaxed shopping trip at Perimeter Mall, I enjoyed a few Christmas items for myself and then we spent two hours at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market.   I could have spent two days!  It was amazing.   I’ve never been there before and I walked her up and down every aisle.  I didn’t even make it into the wine, fresh fish or pastry to sections.   I’m saving those for the next time.  I positively drooled as I walked past the Chilean wine selections.   I was all eyes and mouth wide open taking in every amazing ingredient in the spice aisle and produce.  I kept saying to people “this is my first time here, I can’t believe it “as they looked at me, it’s my first time and they smiled. 

I saw items I only thought I’d see on the Food Network and the breads – dont’ get me started.  I began to plan such intricate menus! Although I ended up buying very little and settled on enjoying some baked goods and creating a soup of red and yellow lentils. 

The people watching was  – to use a Begoism – Exquisite!  I kept saying I wish I had brought my camera – the colors  – oh the floral section and the faces, dress we passed- wonderful! 

And I moved into a delightful evening.  Dinner was a lovely time with another friend, Jill.  We caught up and shared and laughed, oh my, but it felt good to laugh.   We ended our meal with Patron XO dessert martinis- yum. 

In reflection,  the day felt very  elegant, very feminine, very Audrey Hepburn.


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