A day…so good to me

Today was most definitely led by the Holy Spirit – more specifically I was open to the Holy Spirit.   My head hasn’t been in the game all the time like it usually is, change that to  obsessed with work like it usually is, which can make me “twitchy’ when I get there.  However, God is good and the important thing is that when I’m there to try to communicate as much as I can, to as many of the players involved as I can remember, about what’s going on.   I have three great guardian angels who you may know as Jessica, Christina and Barb. 

We had the usual classes in the morning, course it’s the last class before the Christmas break, so we let me rephrase that, we had the usual pre-Christmas parties. Because I’ve been bad lately, in relation to my new life style food choices, I stayed away from all but one homemade cupcake from Senora Sayra at the 11:45a session.  And it was delightful transgression. 

We had the First Communion parent/student meeting where I go over the nuts and bolts and Linda G’s theories to preparing your child for First Eucharist and I gave them pizza – hopefully they’ll remember something I said before the pizza :  ) 

I felt Confirmation class went very well, Temperance was the gift we discussed today.  I was prepping my copies when they went through the review, but it sounded like most of the room was on it.  Linda or Christina – not sure who made up the game, used our new subscription to Quia,  and I have to say that continues to be money well spent.  I was gratefully only responsible for a personal reflection on the Liturgy of the Hours and a piece on Lectio Divina and I had it prepped early in the week, then prayed my way through it.  I repeat, God is so good.  

On the way back up to close out the day, we received a very nice compliment from one of the Confirmation parents.  She’s been through three rounds of prep and says this is the best ever, that we, Christina, Linda M. and myself make it interesting, informative and fun…she doesn’t find it hard to stay awake!  High praise indeed for the Sunday afternoon slot. 

I have a cold or sinus thing going on, so the day was highly punctuated in my head with “don’t sniff, blow your nose” that rings from my childhood. 

I’m only in on Wednesday this week, course there is much to do to get ready for the two Masses with emphasis on children.  Silly me I thought my boss actually had a plan when he announced at the Masses last weekend he needed some families with small children to help out at the Christmas Eve Masses.  He had nothing!  Go figure.  So once he assessed a stable emotional level in me, he says do you have any ideas?  I started praying as soon as I see that look in his eyes – Ha!  And God gave me something off the top of my head, but I’ve also got good hard copy resources.  So we now have a plan that I have to get ready to be carried out by myself or possibly our YM in case I’m celebrating the birth of our Savior with Jeff at Emory.   

I’m just say’n…God is SO good and when I’m open to Him, boy what He does.


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