Many things

There is so much but I only have time for a couple at themoment. First I not only posted the entry for Jeff’s blog today on my own, I did it twice!  Embarassment -gasp.    Guess having the lap top has made me rusty on the phone – that maybe but probably more likely because I lost all my nails as the unfortuante side effect of holiday housework and Ican’t stand that little stylus thing.  Acrylics here I come.     

Second, but way, way more important:  I love the Mass!

I can hear the wheels turning…”Well I would hope so Linda”…in honesty I felt something, something more than mere routine or fear has kept me coming all these years, maybe sensing that which I did not yet “know”?   Whatever the case, while sitting at Mass on Monday night a feeling of great beauty- joy – true Beatitiude I think swept over me. I thought the words “I love the Mass”, when I noticed that exquisite beyod joyful contentment feeling.  “It doesn’t matter who is celebrating the Mass, whether the homily was to my liking or even what the style of music”, I thought, “I just love the Mass”.

Timing of this ephinany could have been during the homily because I think I remember seeing the pastor at the ambo.  However, I don’t remember the timing so much as the feeling and the certainty it brought my soul. I love the Mass!

More later, I have to get to a routine doc’s appt.  What an anxietyless Grace that is!


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