Rainy nights make for foolish women.

I felt like Noah on the deck of the ark last night.  

I drove Jeff down to Cairo yesterday for the third round of the play-offs between the Cairo Syrupmakers and the Eastside Eagles.  I was going to stay in the hotel or go walking around the local strip mall, but I thought, what a chance to people watch.  I’ve never spent any time in south GA, it had potential.   

As we were getting out of the car in the Cairo stadium parking lot, Jeff casually looked at me and said, “Do you have anything for rain, just in case?”  HA! 

Turns out I needed that yellow poncho I was keeping for an emergency, because it was a deluge.  We were getting pelted so badly; big, fat, hard-falling rain that would let up to a steady drizzle, then bam more fat rain.   Those kids were slipping and sliding all over the place.  The field looked like a mosh pit.  

  But these people are no joke in Cairo when it comes to their football team.  So soggily they sat, stood and cheered the “Syrypmakers” onto victory.  I stayed mostly dry, except the legs of my pants and my shoes!  They were squishy soaked.   Not ever thinking I was going to be left to the caprice of Mother Nature, I only brought one pair of sneakers, so before we left, we headed to the local shoe store to get me dryly shod.   Now I’m sporting a pair of slip on New Balance, very comfy. 

If you’re wondering, but what about poor Jeff?  Don’t worry, he was in the heated press box and I was glad.  I would have been fussing and worring about him to the point tht it would have been hard for him to cover the game.  Still I had to laugh as I looked up into the box through the rain drops thinking, I am a good wife, a foolish woman, but a good wife.


3 thoughts on “Rainy nights make for foolish women.

  1. Bahahaha. There is a team named “Syrupmakers”? I would cry. What is the mascot? A giant waffle?

    Ditto what Cassie said.


  2. Awww girls – you’ll “make my brown eyes blue”, but thank you both. Truly I am the company I keep ; )

    P.S. The Syrupmakers, I kid you not. Alas, no giant waffle or dancing pitchers of syrup, anything in that genre would have been FABulous!


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