One of my favorite things

It’s coming close to Thanksgiving and that means one of my favorite seasons – A Christmas Story on TNT.    I LOVE that movie.  If you haven’t seen it you have to watch it at least once.  I’ve watched at least 20 times and I can’t think of a scene in it that doesn’t still make me laugh out loud. 

Jeff found in one of the many publications his mother receives news of the house they used for the exterior shots in Cleveland that they’ve now renovated inside to match the interior shots which were filmed in Toronto!  They have tours, the closet his brother hides in, THE  leg lamp inthe window, the bathroom he decodes the Little Orphan Annie message and of course with a gift shop – everything.  I had Jeff all but talked into going 2 hours our of our way on the trip home to stop there,  but they don’t open until Nov 26th.   Can you believe it!   Next year’s trip home is going to be timed to include a stop there, I’m just sayn’


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