Not much doing, and it’s great

Didn’t do much today of note and that is wonderful!  Slept in, a few domestic chores, listening to the chatting brothers.  Tried to take some pictures on a walk, but had battery difficulties so just one or two of the snow before it gave out on me.  And yes there is snow again today.  On and off, but tonight there lies a mantle of white over everything.  And I love it! 

Jeff deals with it for the week we’re here, so long as the weather is good on the way up and back :  )  But he loves that I’m finally getting some mileage out of that Steeler’s Parka he bought for me the winter before we moved to GA.  I’m freezing up here and it fits again.  Course it won’t if I keep stopping at The Pie Place.  Guess I’ll have to take even longer walks  ;  )


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