God has a sense of humor

O.K. let me be quite frank.  There is no set degree to become a D.R.E. Rel Ed Coorindator or Youth Minister etc., there are job descriptions, but they vary church to church or rather pastor to pastor. 

That being understood, I was in a discussion with another minister the other day about things “they” don’t tell you about ministry and I think my favorite to date is what you’ll have to clean up and in this case it was excrement in the Hall.  Yes, poop, doo doo the old number 2 – two shall we say “expressions of self” about half way into the room on the floor also about half way between the pictures of the Sacred Heart…if you know where i”m talking about. 

One could be grossed out by this, but once we got over the “Oh no, that’s not what I think it is…Oh YES it IS!” of the situation, disposed and cleansed and sanitized the area, it was oddly funny.  Kind of like God saying “You thought those other things were crazy – let me put it in perspective for you!”.

That God, what a joker!  

I’m just say’n.


4 thoughts on “God has a sense of humor

  1. Oh my!!! I know it shouldn’t matter, but…did a dog or cat somehow get in, or was this of the human variety?


  2. wow. that’s just disgusting, and i pick up a lot of poop. but not in church. and certainly not halfway to the sacred heart of jesus.

    you’ve traumatized me.


  3. For Cassie – definitely not cat presumably canine and I can go nofurther up the evolutionary ladder with out freaking myself out! However, he two piles reminded me of a story about my cousin. When he was little my aunt and uncle got him a puppy, and it kept messing in the house. My aunt would find a pile here and a pile there. Then one day she started finding two piles side by side. She thought this is weird, what’s up with this dog? But it wasn’t the dog…it was my cousin going right along side the puppy. And that is the story I thought of shortly after the discovery in the hall. Oh how I hope it remains a story in the past!


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