Patriotic Rant

What memo did I miss that we don’t sing the Star Spangled Banner, the song considered our national anthem, when it’s played as an instrumental at the start of ball games?

As a kid whenever that song was sung or instrumental version, we were taught to sing and if you were wearing a ball cap to take it off and put it over your heart. I still get misty at “gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there”…

I’ve been to at least 4-5 high school playoffs recently and have heard nary a peep from the crowd, except myself and my husband. At first I thought how incredibly rude for people not to sing, and then I thought, what if they don’t remember the words?

Then I thought, maybe they are being whisked away by some patriotic dream. I can see if it’s being soloed by an amazing voice, and you are carried away, too chocked up with pride to speak.

However, when there’s nothing but the music what’s the deal? Where is our spirit of nationalism, of community, of being huddled masses who are now freed? Are we that self conscious of our own voices?

There are many other things I could think of to rant about, the general sense of entitlement we have in this country, our callous disregard of the marginalized, religious intolerance…but this is what today is about -not even being able to join together to sing, I’ll start there.

Or like a said, some new memo came out I didn’t get a copy.

To use a saying I learned recently “That makes me feel like a nickel with a hole in it.”

I’m just sayn’.


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