Hissies, Hussies and Granny Smack – Downs!

I thought I was just going to the first round of the high school baseball play-offs with Jeff Friday evening, with the chance of practicing photographing sports, but my evening ended up being part wrestling bout and burlesque show .

Drama, drama drama! I witnessed the prelude to the “granny smack-down” main event complete with Sheriff’s deputy.  I was in line at the concession stand, when  all of a sudden a verbal altercation broke out on the top row of the bleachers behind me between two more mature  – ladies – early 60’s.  This  “lady” had had enough of something for three years and was going to throw this other “women’s” derriere off the bleachers which was met by a threatened return of the same action.  It continued like that with the tension building to a fevered pitch when suddenly one of the combatants got up to retire from the field of battle.  Crisis averted I thought, and with my food now ready, I moved  back to the outfield end of the ball yard. 

The saga continues however as the action didn’t end when the “woman” left the bleachers.  The two somehow got connected again and the “lady” struck the “woman” and backed her up against the wall behind the concession stand.  The “woman” threw her hands up to push the “lady” away which provoked the “lady” to beat the “woman” about the upper body with a large bag.  A female onlooker in the crowd came down to restrain the “lady” and ostensibly diffuse the situation, but was met – go figure – with screaming!

Shortly after I learned of this new turn of events, the “lady” in question came charging down to our side of the ball yard, smack-down bag over her arm, and sat down disgruntledly in the grass.   I thought is was some sort of booster club rivalry turned bad, but turned out to be over a family affair which ran deep.  Shortly thereafter administration arrived with a sheriff’s deputy.  And after some discussion with the deputy, the “lady” was escorted from the event.  With the “woman” watching from behind the practice cages, a descrete distance away.

Back to practicing my craft.  I met a few new people who had small children and dogs where we were sitting.  Ater getting into a discussion about Canons with one of the mothers who had a similiar camera, but doesn’ know how to use it and would like to, I took some candids to show her what the camera could do.   I did however, see the pitcher for the visiting team, who allowed no less than 8 runs before his coach came out and unceremoniously pointed the young man’s way off the mound.  I saw the kid leave the field miffed, but missed his arrival at his bench, because of the kids and dogs.    After the game, I learned he had quite a “steriodal like hissy fit” upon reaching his dug out.   Apparenlty it’s his M.O. at a game – kicking equipment, yelling gesticulating.  I heard that he was probably not just upset about being dismissed from his position, but also from being torn from the peep show he was receiving froma girl.  Trust me, you don’t want to know more.  I didn’t get any pictures of that  – thank God.

What a night!  I’m just say’n.


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