Charm School

I accompanied my Sports Editor husband to the Salem Lady Seminoles quarterfinals soccer match Saturday evening, as part of my reshuffling of priorities since the surgery mindset.

I must say I actually enjoyed the game.

What you need to know to appreciate this statement is that I have never been fond of soccer, never even played it in gym class, never understood it, couldn’t understand the great European fever over it, felt that it’s only a sport because it involves uniforms and a ball. How ignorant of me, I know. I would like to admit here in techno ink, that I was wrong. Yes, I was.

That game Saturday was physical and fast paced the endurance and skill of these young women was captivating.

With lots of energy from the fans in the stands, some positive, some otherwise. Keeping it interesting, there were nine fouls in the first five minutes and starting in the opening few moments of play, the first of three red cards was handed to the opposing team from Starr’s Mill. Who by the way, had a coach that lacked decorum to such an extent that I would have carded her or whatever they do to discipline coaches, if I was the ref. Kicking over the ball container, a constant stream of yelling in the ref’s face, etc. sad. Their fans in the stands were little better. I thought there was going to be a parent led brawl. The poor behavior culminated in giving their team a standing ovation as they earned their third red card, while one of the more mature “ladies” in the stands gave a very inappropriate gesture to the home team fans. Proving once again, my grandmother’s axiom “Money does not buy class.”

N.B. I heard the “bird” woman making comments to Salem fans after the game “You can loose next week, we’d like that.” Tragic, truly tragic use of a moment. Get a life, get a hobby, go to charm school.


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