Dogs rule!

Cats drool!

I’m a dog person. Always have been. Those big noses and eyes full of adoration – I mean really!

And this is my favorite time of year – dog show season. Eukanuba Cup events, Westminster Kennel Club, Krupps…fabulous!

That beagle who’s getting all the hype is pretty cute. Although I’m always hoping one of the herding or working dogs gets best in show. I know nerd alert. Can’t help it. Catch the Sporting, Working and Toy groups tomorrow night.

NIGHT 2: Live Telecast: Tuesday, Feb 12 (8-11 PM Live ET / 8-11 PM PT) on USA Network

P. S. I’m not the only one who’s got “puppyitus”, we’ve been talking about a second dog for a while now and with each dog show, Jeff keeps changing his mind, really with each group that comes into view ; ) We could end up with anything from a Norfolk Terrier to a Great Dane – OH my!

I don’t change my mind, I want a pack of three more and nothing that drools excessively. I now what a nutty nerd.

P.P.S. Passed all my pre assessment for surgery today. That means they take my blood and my money and after the insurance says so, they let me into the “pain pump” crowd. Good news. We don’t have to arrive until 6:00am Thursday morning.

Originally thought it was 5:30am – I know, 6:00a doesn’t sound a whole lot better, but for this caffeine deprived night person, it’s a lot easier on the psyche. Jeff / Lainie are taking over the writing Thursday morning on, check out the linda report for more info.


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