Back in the land of the living

We’ve got two types of creeping crud around here at the moment, one stomach afflicting and the other respiratory. I was “touched” by the stomach version on Monday out of the blue and it was the weirdest thing. I’ve heard varying degrees of affliction, mine wasn’t so severe by other reports, but I just couldn’t seem to shake it.

Did the unthinkable and stayed on home on a Wednesday night! Have I said how wonderful my Faith Formation team is? Well if you haven’t heard me go on and on – they are fabulous! They had things well in hand, but I must have missed out on a visit from my best friend. Today I found on my desk, a hand crafted card with a note made of the only materials at her disposal: glitter glue; buttons; sequins; crayons, and construction paper. She is the queen of field expedience! Because even with only those few paltry craft items she made me smile and feel loved. Thank you Begs.

* For those of you who get the stomach version of the crud, it lasts about three days, don’t push it to go back to work in one or two, trust me, you’ll be back at home. For those with the respiratory version, at least a week to get over the worst of it – if you’re into home remedies, try some Whiskey, Honey and Lemon for the non-stop coughing, and sore throat, my grandmother’s home remedy for such ailments. Mix equal parts of whiskey and honey, she usually started with 1/2 cups and with a few tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Shake together in a mason jar and sip. I repeat, SIP one shot glass of the concoction as needed about one every couple of hours. Let’s just say I didn’t understand the sip part of the instructions and “smooth” was not the word for it. My grandmother would make a batch with the first sniffle of the winter. I knew when respiratory ills where imminent because that mason jar with golden, pulp-filled liquid would appear. I recently made some for Deacon Bill when we were visiting in Alabama, and ask him – it really works.

** Of course you should check all medications you are taking to make sure you can consume alcohol without any adverse effects, I’m just say’n.


One thought on “Back in the land of the living

  1. hey that sounds good i was in maine for a wake and got a really bad stomach virus. You sound a lot like my aunt.
    may be you can check out my blog
    p.s. it’s


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