Sitting here drinking some decaf and munching on a Coach Button cookie

It’s a Wednesday. If you know me and what I do on Wednesdays and Sundays nough said. My personal favorite for today was a discussion with two of older boys at the 7:30 pm session slot. They had decided they were thirsty so instead of using the water fountains, they proceeded to try to climb the doors to the kitchen in the Admin Hall. I hold my brains in my head.

Had the last class of 2007 today. Enjoyed the Christmas ham Family Dinner and collected the end of the year Christmas Catechetical leader booty – cookies, cupcakes, ornaments, religious art etc. Was able to take pictures of the classes in their revelries. I was heartened to see how each class shares it’s bounty with the others and enjoys spending time together. And I thought how did the year pass so quickly? My grandmother used to say that it felt to her that a year passed when she was in her 40’s she took a step, in her 60’s when she turned her head, when she came to 80 when she blinked her eye. As I have watched “my SPX babies” grow up, oh man, I didn’t even have time to blink!


2 thoughts on “Sitting here drinking some decaf and munching on a Coach Button cookie

  1. So I read your blog from the rss feed, which is the only way I can keep up with all the blogs I follow–in case you aren’t a subscriber, it keeps you from having to click in to all the blogs, it only alerts you when it’s updated. anyway, so I hadn’t physically been here in a while, and missed the blog make-over. Sweet.

    Now I’ll have to physically come over here because you will randomly change the look again. LOL!


  2. You just never know about me. I was sitting in the computer room and it was very cold and thought “Man it’s cold!” This blog should look cold.

    I’ll have to try the RSS feed thing. Thanks


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