Waiting endless mind numbing waiting

We spend a lot of time waiting. I’ve been having to set up medical tests…all is fine no worries. And since I haven’t had a stint with the hospital branch of the medical profession for a while, I forget it’s all hurry up and wait – to schedule the procedure, to get the clearance from your insurance, to get a person on the phone to answer your questions yada yada yada. They’ve even made rooms for what has a become a fixture of the process! Some even come with beds and televisions ,they know we’re going to be waiting so long. All the waiting… and it made me think of other things I ‘m waiting for. So I’m waiting to loose the next 10 lbs. and the next and the next, for the batteries for my camera to charge, for my feet to thaw, for my “nieces” to come home for Thanksgiving break or for Christmas or Spring or Summer break as the case my be, for the water to heat for the shower, for the traffic light to turn green, in line at the supermarket… endless waiting.
I got annoyed, but then I thought that how I spend my time waiting should be my focus more than than the having to wait. It just occurred to me I should PRAY. Not like I don’t when it occurs to me from time to time. But instead of praying only from time to time if it hits me as I find myself waiting, I need to consciously practice ACTS – Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving and Supplication. As the season of advent approaches, literally the time of watching and waiting, I think that’s how I’ll try to prepare my heart, so I can be eager instead of annoyed with…Waiting.

(This epiphany provided by the Holy Spirit! Thank you.)


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