Super fan goes to NC

That’s what my husband calls me around this time of year. Yes that’s right football season! I just love it. I can’t tell you why, but I do. And having one of the best husband’s, yes I acknowledge he is in the creme de la creme grouping of men, he purchased for my birthday Steeler, Panther exhibition tickets.

The stadium is very well kept and has a convenient lay out , if you visit a lot of stadiums that is, and being married to a Sports writer I do. It’s coridoors are large and it’s easy to find your way around. It’s biggest plus – the bathrooms are plentiful and clean. I didn’t even have to stand in line at half time, now that’s well planned. The whole stadium looks new and it’s been around since the late 90’s.
We were evacuated to wait in the open air concourse area because of a rapidly approaching thunder storm, I took stock of the opportunities around me, Twittered…and had my face painted.

and made a friend.
As we scanned the growing mass of fans, we noted that there was at least a 40 – 60% ratio of Steeler to Carolina fans. Black and Gold was every where you looked.

Game play was rather “vanilla” to quote the Sports writer.
So I amused myself in other ways between the potentially exciting plays. The people watching at this game was fabulous!
(Our new coach)
There were these two very genteel southern ladies or as mi quierda amiga would say colorful old broads. They were a hoot between harassing the stadium employee assigned to our section with questions like “Are you here to take role?” and shout things to their team like “Keep on him dingle” or my favorite ” Pass the ball dipstick” I lost track of the number of times I saw one or the other of them come up and down from the concession stand with their glasses of beer. I have two visuals for you, gold lame strap heels and fun foam flower visor – priceless.
The city of Charlotte isn’t bad for a view either, especially when it gets dark and it’s all lit up.

A very large THANK YOU to Andrew G who lent me his camera to photo essay our trip.
Ours has bit the dust so we’re to buy a new one soon. Have pity on my husband, it’s like buying a new car for me

On the way home we had a great breakfast, and saw a “cow bus” and the Big Peach in Gaffney.

Next time we’re over that way, we’ll be doing a little shopping at the outlets too.


3 thoughts on “Super fan goes to NC

  1. Brilliant photo essay. I’m glad you had an awesome time.

    It seems to me that anyone tacky enough–or bold enough–or both– to have her face painted and wear tacky Steelers crap would have absolutely no problem with photographing the old broads for inclusion in the retrospective. Just sayin’.


  2. So, am I going crazy, or did you have a stupid dalai lama quiz up, and then remove it?

    Please tell me I’m not losing my mind, because I took it. You came up red for obvious reasons, and I imagine you’ll know what I’m talking about even though no one else will because THE QUIZ IS GONE!

    OK, I’m done spewing.


  3. No you are not crazy, well not over this ; ) Yes had the dalai lama quiz up, but had a little issue when I went back to edit and didn’t take the time to put back in place. Thank you for the red, you are my orange.

    Also to your previous post, I went back to your blog and noted the link to the 20 things to do or whatever the guy called it… #7. Pick a team and be a hard core fan. So we will go with bold. Although the glitter admittedly was tacky.


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