Starfish and casting nets

There are about 5 or 6 people who have responded to the call to read the Bible and CCC in a year. That is too awesome!!! Starfish Begs, I haven’t forgotten. Thanks.

For now posting on our blogs is good, I am going to look into the Yahoo! communities and see if going that route give us any advantages. But want to remind everyone that there is no pressure to share your thoughts on every reading. If you are inspired do so, if a particular reading or set doesn’t stir much that doesn’t mean it isn’t working and moving you somewhere spiritually speaking.

I started at 337, and know I suggested we all do so, but for those of you who know me (and love me) hold on…I moved down to 365 to truly start from the bottom and work up. If you’ve already started at 337 and want to join me down at the bottom, know that the thoughts on 337 isn’t wasted. I don’t know why starting at the begining of the last pile made more sense at first than starting at the end of the pile. Either way we’re all in the same section.


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