New skin I’m in

O.K. so I’m making some changes in my life and the new blog skin you’re looking at is no big really compared to the others, physical and spiritual, but I think it’s pretty cool none the less. I thought the previous one was cool, but was a little difficult to read.

Also with help from the illustrious Miss Barb and Harry, I’m going through the family archive of slides. Turns out my “shutterbugness” is inherited from both sides of the family. My maternal grandfather, Charlie was quite the artist and my father loved photography too. In trying to catalogue his picts I realize that my photo essayist style comes from Dad. AHHHHHH that’s a hug on the heart.
These are pictures from the Pittsburgh flood of 1972.

2 thoughts on “New skin I’m in

  1. these are so neat! they were originally slides? lol, that in itself is a piece of americana.

    did you guys have the dinner parties and subject the guests to a slide presentation after dessert?

    BAHAHA! In my parents’ social group, the torture de riguer was the super 8 film. I hope my sister finishes transfering them to dvd–she’s the only one organized enough to tackle such a project.


  2. Pretty much that’s what would happen. We had the portable screen that weighed 20 lbs and everything. I still have the slide projector to show them old school.

    I haven’t been able to part with it yet, but Jeff is happy I’m cleaning out “old stuff”.

    I’m dealing with feelings of getting rid of something my Dad thought was sooo cool. I’ll do it, because I’ve done it with other things, but for some reason getting rid of this is difficult.


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