And I continue to wait

Name of the three categories of the college of Cardinals?


3 thoughts on “And I continue to wait

  1. It seems that it would be the classifications of Holy Orders, deacons, priests, and bishops, although frankly, the classification of deacon doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me…what are you reading, Catholic Jeopardy? Is it true that a pope need not be a priest at all? By the same token then, can a cardinal, which is just a title like monseignor, be bestowed upon any man?

    What a boys’ club.

    Your friend, stirring up some mud.


  2. Well, wait, I guess a bishop doesn’t fit into that category of Holy Orders, right?

    So now I’m second-guessing myself.

    Is it something like those in the Curia and government, then a second level of administrators that comprise the voting board, and then those without voting rights cuz they are old geezers?


  3. HA! Wikipedia says bishops, priests and deacons!

    Admittedly, still in the dark about that one. Frankly, I like my second answer better. It makes more sense to me.


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