Much going on

It’s been so long since i came to the page. Here’s the latest by category.

Miraculous – Had a very good report from Bink’s last CTA. The vertebral artery that they surmised had dissected has now completely healed and is working like it should! There is no fibro whatever dysplasia and some of the tiredness could be the blood thinning meds, which if her anti coagulation tests come back looking good she’ll be getting off of those too. Life is indeed good!

Heart warming – Miss Judy is back in the big Peach for the birth of her 4th grandchild. I got a chance to meet the new addition to the royal court of Iowa, the Lady Katherine. She is a budding 8 + pounds and absolutely adorable. I also got to meet her older sister, Princess Elizabeth and she is precious as well. We hit it right off and we enjoyed an afternoon of alphabet books, Sesame Street, St. Brendan’s 5:00pm Mass and a glass of Southern Red from my favorite winery.

Exasperating – We are searching for a new Youth Min and have several viable candidates, so that is underway along with the usual start up excitement, but not having a Number One is telling on my nerves. Pray for Barb and Joe.

Exhilarating – I’ve lost 33 pounds! I have a further goal, but my chemical, hormone whatever levels are all looking good so unless there’s something the upcoming test shows we could have a baby Gillespie yet. God’s will, not ours, but if you have a moment could you put in a good word for us as parents?

Mundane – I’ve started reading the last book in the Harry Potter chronicles. I’ve only gotten 150 pages in and I still think Snape is going to turn out to be good. Or rather like the rest of us, I think he’s basically good not evil. For those of you who have finished it, don’t kill my buzz please. I want to be surprised or shocked as the case may be.

Informative – a Catholic quiz:
Some people call me “The metropolitan of the Roman Province.” Who am I?


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