36th Annunal Firecracker legion Baseball Tournie

Day 1

Two games today. In the first game at 10a, Conyers Post 77 pulled ahead of Troy Ohio’s Post 43 with seven runs in the bottom of the 5th. However, they ended up losing 8-7. The second game at 2:30pm they were neck and neck with Jacksonville Post 283 and pulled up another 8-7 but this time as the victors.

Normally, I’m at the beach by now, but with two games so close together and not much fan support, it seemed like a good day to catch the action. So with a record of 1-1 so far, the Conyers boys seem good in individual play, but lack the ability to pull it together as team for smooth and confident play. They are also allowing what I would call some stale innings and have some limp fielding, but are able to generate enough energy to pull it out. Mr. Jeff is writing his own report for the Citizen, so I’ thought I’d try to update my “readers” too! : )


One thought on “36th Annunal Firecracker legion Baseball Tournie

  1. Maaaan! That’s freakin boooooring! What about the really good color commentary? How was the food? What did the umpire look like? What were the fans wearing? Anybody in a Hawaiian shirt because the closest they could get to Maui is Deland? Did they have girls in scant clothing and old guys leering at them?

    Where are all the wry and pithy comments about the real show, the fauna?

    I forgive you. Evidently you were caught up in the tournament. What a silly idea. Nevertheless, there’s still tomorrow’s action to report.

    Waiting with bated breath for part two of the “stealth report” aka Goldiefish in the trenches, um, benches.

    Hope you make it to the real sandlot for some playing of your own….


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