Roiling Seas now calm or for now calm

Finally received worn on Jeff’s one year scan. It came back with nothing that shouldn’t be on it on it! He’s clean and clear for this year…I know keep your day job poet.

Speaking of poetry this one from my childhood just came to mind “…And the waves roll out and the waves roll in and the nodding night wind blows, but why the moon man fishes the sea, only the moon man knows.” It really is quite delightful…the page from our children’s poetry book had a deep darkening sea, with brilliant star fish and mermaids with nets and a moon with a large smile.

Binks‘ second trip to the neurologist nets a shining report. Thanks to modern pharmaceuticals, blood thinning levels are in the excellent range as well as her blood pressure. She is doing her “light” tread milling exercise and back in classes for interior design.

On the work front – First Communion activities are rolling along, I’m on my second straight week of work I’m realizing I’m not as young as I used to be, but boy is God good.

The Master Bath saga continues – The shower and the bath have been tiled, and are awaiting their grout. Tomorrow morning we buy a toilet and some other wonderful bathroom type fixtures.


One thought on “Roiling Seas now calm or for now calm

  1. Phew. This was loaded with good news! Blessed be the Lord! (you can sing it, I hummed it in my head—lest a note escape my mouth and somehow crack the monitor)


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