Joyous Octave of Easter to you!

Well the Great Easter Vigil was really great! We had 5 adults two baptized and three make professions of faith and at least 18 kids of various ages and sacramental receptions at the Easter Vigil. There was a great feeling of excited serenity. Seems contradictory I know, but that was how it felt.

Purposeful, awesome and although not as grand or as rich as I’d like to see the symbols communicated it didn’t matter. God takes care of everything and makes it so meaningful for those coming into the Church.

We are blessed with wonderful RCI team members for the kids and the adults, who care so deeply about each candidate/catechumen and freely give their time and love. I think that the position of team member gives a unique perspective, truly being able to watch through the year as those preparing are “dying to sin” and at the Easter Vigil “rising to new life,” a new birth that can truly be felt.
Or maybe it’s just me…Naaaa.

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