Working to change the pictures as we speak

I ashamedly realized that I have pictures from very far “back in the day” on the scroll so am in the middle of downloading to upload new for your viewing pleasure…this could take a while…

Which will be followed by more new and exciting photo-journalistic exploits when I return from our expedition to Vicksburg.

Knowing that my interest in Civil War Battlefields for more than two days exposure is on par with my interest in baiting a hook for fly fishing or watching the man who runs the wax machine wax the lanes at a bowling alley, my best friend and photography mentor has challenged me to take pictures that relate our Civil War expedition, but that in no way may be Civil War oriented. A weighty challenge indeed! Suddenly I have a goal! She has thrown the gauntlet of high improbability if not near impossibility, and my Leonine personality is roaring at the prospect of unparalleled success.

We Leos like to go for the whole enchilada or antelope, what have you.

Thank you Begs!


3 thoughts on “Working to change the pictures as we speak

  1. This Leo tends to go for the whole pie. Any kind of pie, really. It’s a lot more fun to plunge your face into a pie than into an antelope. The jury’s still out about the enchillada.

    P.S. I don’t know if I’ve said this, but I love how you and Maria refer to each other as best friends. I seriously hope I have some non-spouse person like that later in life (or whenever). Best friends rock.


  2. I am graced by her love and trust, and humbled by her wisdom and gentleness. She is a treasure greater than gold.

    Right you are, best friends do rock!


  3. Aw shucks. I came here to be sarcastic. And yes, best friends do rock, even when life obnoxiously gets in the way of rocking.

    Although, considering our last conversation–we seem to be headed for a different “rocking.” For your amusement pleasure–I have written this entire piece without my glasses, because I can’t refocus on the screen and the keyboard.

    love, Begs (amused, and not depressed. well, maybe a little depressed. No, maybe more like annoyed. Yes, it’s definitely annoyance. I better make that appointment with the eye doctor)


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