Settling back down

Binks has gone home to resume normalcy both at her abode and here. I am trying to relax and take my self off sustained “high alert” .

Things must be settling down, because last night while watching the West Minster Kennel Club dog show… (one of the two must see programs I have for the entire tele-viewing year – the other, the Rose Bowl parade. I love the floats, the bands, the behind the scenes things. I don’t care for all the horse riding groups after the 5th one they begin to look the same)I took a look around my house – What a mess! How does a house with four adults become such a pit?

But I’m aware of the mess now, I’ll take that as a ray of hope : )


2 thoughts on “Settling back down

  1. You are weird.

    Such a lovable weird. Dog shows? The parade I understand.

    John gave me the ENTIRE STAR TREK movie series for Valentine’s Day—and being John, he gave it to me erly, so I have been trying to see them all by tonight. I have failed miserably, because I have been far more interested in watching the special features than the actual movies.

    I’m pathetic, too.


  2. I prefer to think of us as “quirky” with “endearing” traits : ) or weird that works too.

    Ah that was sweet of him and a noble effort on your part. It’s the special features that, the icing on the cake for DVD viewing.


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