A watched pot never boils and apparently a watched for PT test doesn’t hit the theraputic level

We still await the magic numbers for Binks to get “sprung”, maybe tomorrow? Apparently her PT levels are short of what they want and although she’s itching to get out, we appreciate their care in getting theraputic levels manageable so she doesn’t have a repeat of last weekend’s fun.

In the mean time, Binks sends a shout of thanks to Beth, who made the most scrumdilicious banana pudding that she’s been wanting ever since she got her appetite back. It was delivered by the men of the family, who stayed to entertain Miss Binks with their wit and savvy of hospital knowledge – we talked about Monty Python, video games and told family medical stories, they were a riot!

To help wrap our minds around this whole stroke, dissected artery event, one of our very on the ball physician friends sent me this link http://www.umm.edu/ency/article/001423.htm . It is very readable, short, sweet, and to the point to help understand how something like this could happen in someone so young who doesn’t smoke etc. didn’t suffer any trauma to the head…
Thank you Dr. Elizabeth!


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