"She’s a Miracle"

At the writing of this post, my sister is back in a regular room – God is good all the time, all the time, God is good!

The neurologist is saying that they are “fairly certain” (medicine I’m learning is very much an art and thank God for the talented artists practicing!) that the stroke she suffered is the result of an under developed ventri brachial something artery that dissected and the inner layer collapsed onto itself and in the free space collected blood and boom clot. In other words a fluke,that would only have been detected by some weird coincidence. The damage is 1/4 of her cerebellum and she was greatly relieved to know from one of our excellent physician friends ; ) that you can live even without a cerebellum!

The pain in her head is down to about a 5, her blood pressure is still more than it should be, but probably due to the pain, which is not unexpected with a severe trauma – everything is exposed and raw and well, hurts. We are in day 4 so one more day to go and she’s out of the time frame when we should see any other incidence ets.

She is on a blood thinner by IV now, but will be weaned to a pill variety for the next 3-6 months. The doctors are baffled how she can have not deficits, and still the magnitude of damage that she has incurred.

“She’s a miracle” said her new floor nurse, Ruth today explaining her to the other floor nurse. “If anyone ever tells you it’s not possible, just tell them about her because – she’s a miracle”.

This is the first time since it began my worried, weary eyes are wet with tears of relief not fear.

Keep your prayers coming, because she’s not quite home yet, but she’s rounding 2nd and headed to third and the lane looks clear!
God is good all the time, all the time God is good!

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