Learning More Than I Wanted To Know

My sister will hopefully move off the ICU floor tomorrow if she has another good night. The neurologist seems to think more definitively that she’s on the downside of this thing, but wants her to be monitored because you watch for signs of escalation for 3 hours to 5 days following a stroke.

The ventri brachial something something, on either side of the back of her head he “suspects highly” dissected or collapsed and blood accumulated and therefore the clot. The incredible pain is from the trauma damage to the brain and the increased blood pressure is because of the pain so she’ll be on blood thinners for the next 3-6 months and blood pressure meds. I am learning far too much about medicine. : )

Thank you for yor prayers.


2 thoughts on “Learning More Than I Wanted To Know

  1. Yay for moving out of the ICU- hopefully things won’t be quite so stressed then. Thank you so much for keeping this updated so that I (and others) can know what’s going on, even though I’m normally out of the loop, living in another region of the country and all. We’re all praying up here.


  2. It makes getting the word out so easy and no end of topic info : ) The prayers are what’s speeding the healing and keeping her impairment free. Thank you and the prayer crew!


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