My sister has been moved to the ICU. The rest of the symptoms have faded, but the migraine like headache continues. The MRI and MRA showed a stroked definitely did occur and effected 1/4 – 1/3 of her cerebellum. She is scheduled for a CT angiogram tomorrow which is a non invasive procedure to determine the damage to the ventri something artery at the base of her brain. (For you medical types, feel free to correct my medical terminology, I’m lucky to be keeping up when the doctor comes into the room!)

She miraculously still has motor function, balance, strength etc,; however they have also found some swelling on the brain, undoubtedly the cause of the
throbbing, squeezing pain she’s feeling. The Neurologist decided to admit her to the ICU – and is baffled at the moment by what is the cause of this whole event. The pain will not subside even with the narcotic and morphine chaser and he doesn’t know if she’s on the way out of the danger curve, or gearing up for something worse.

As our good friend “Dad” pointed out, God has put her in the best possible place throughout this ordeal: with us, instead of home alone, into the ER instead of at our house, admitted into the hospital instead of sent off with the excuse of “oh well it must just be a migraine”, now into the ICU with the unexplainable and very real danger of ? instead of the unthinkable.

How is everyone? My husband is nervous about his one year scan for cancer coming up soon, which every trip into the hospital reminds him of. Our mother is doing her best to maintain a calm exterior. The dogs are just happy when they’re let outside and fed. Although her dog watches “soulfully” (forgive my theology) for his mistress to return. I’m “holding my own” mostly, but am thankful, very very thankful for my friends who I know are really holding me while I’m “holding my own”.


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