Merry Christmas!

This evening we celebrated, “post sun down” as defined by our archdiocese, the joyous event of Christmas Eve. I worked the two Masses I was assigned of course with children, and there was some craziness with the celebrations that I’d say only a select few noted once we got started, which is optimal. My role is usually behind the scenes and I hold my breath through most of it. When the Masses came to their ends, everything had sailed without much of a hiccup.

But it struck me that with all the getting ready, finishing out classes, and then all the hyperness of the Masses, did I welcome Jesus? How do I even do that when throughout the Mass I’m preoccupied with what’s coming next and scouting for trouble to head it off at the pass? That was the question that bopped around my head, and I was quite frustrated by it. Then tonight, this morning I guess, I realized a big part of it for me is letting go of formalities as I’ve defined them, and welcoming friends, letting His love in through the eyes, expressions and hugs from others. That’s where I’m finding Christ-mas. That’s how I welcome Him into my heart.

May all our hearts, open to receive Him and do something with that love to benefit others.


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