Political Junkie

I just can’t help myself. I should be in bed asleep. I have a meeting downtown tomorrow, but it’s like a guilty pleasure. Maybe it’s the seasons of “The West Wing”, but this race for the Senate has captured my interest. And it’s not just because the Democrats have won the House. Although it certainly is a plus.

(O.K. for the record I am listed as a Republican, which is the party I choose at 18, because my grandmother said we had to be Republicans to break the political machine in Pittsburgh! It made me feel all Norma Rae…)

That aside, I think what’s putting “the jam in my jelly roll”, so to speak is that I have witnessed the huge lines of people waiting to vote all day. It started this morning, voting in our little precinct house when I had to wait 50 minutes and continued in the afternoon when my husband topped my wait at an hour. Then, we have polling at the parish hall and all day it was non stop; can’t get a parking space; parking in the grass and up the circle; wall to wall cars. Every time I looked out my office window it was a steady line of bodies across the front glass doors. That stir of patriotism even if it’s of the “disgruntled get the bums out of office” type of patriotism of which my boss is not fond, has me jazzed. And might I just say, and well yes I think I will, a woman as Speaker of the House! YES!!! You know that’s what – two seats from the presidency? And today with what all goes on it’s pretty possible, pretty possible indeed. I think my estrogen is doing tiny, yet meaningful victory laps around my ovaries.


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