Just finished

I feel like I’ve been gone from the blog scene for forever, here’s some ramblings, catch-up and thoughts.

Just finished revising the size of all the pictures being used in a power point for Wed All Saints event. Promises to be a lot of fun 4:30-6:30pm. With a parade of saints into the Mass at 7p.

Shout out of thanks to Begs for the digital photo book for my b-day. It’s coming in quite handy already.

Mom is still recuperating at the rehab facility. Visits, phone calls and cards are all welcome. The other day she hopped three feet one way and three feet in return using the walker. Big progress. They’re going to work on her getting up the two steps into the house and transferring from the wheel chair to the bed etc. and when she comes home hopefully will feel and be much more confident in her movements. Still not sure if we’ll need in home health care, but I’ll jump off that bridge when I get to it : )

Got to meet our new goddaughter today and hold her….dubbed her “Sweet Pea”. Her mom says she called her the same name at the doctor’s office the other day and it took with the staff there too. She’s a sweetie!

On the trying to relax front –
Vacation at the beach. Cute hotel, good weather, lots of ” on the beach time” – a chair, umbrella and a good murder mystery….ah.

Went to the Falcon’s Steelers game – the Steelers lost, guess how relaxing that was? Great seats though.

Went on a trek to a pumpkin patch with friends and hit an apple orchard on the way home. It was so exciting, I know nerd, but I picked out a like 1/2 bushel of apples…so the pies, dumpling and sauce are on their way. Rome Beauties, Granny Smith’s, Fugis, Wine Saps, Golden Delicious and the much touted Pink Ladies…Exquisite. Thank you Judes for turning me on to world of apples!

Reading the second book of a new mystery series, The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde. They’re Nursery Crime Division based on Nursery Rhyme characters and blended with modern day detecting, amusing and some what literary worth while. First One is the Big Over Easy – Humpty Dumpty he didn’t just have a great fall…

Have a few pumpkins to carve – Maude, Phillip and Murphy – gigantic to petitest.

It’s the day of Halloween and I still haven’t caught one vampire flick – B movie or otherwise…such a waste. You can keep your Freddie Krugers, Jasons, Carries and assorted other horror flick characters, but there’s just something about a good vampire flick that entertains in that “keeps you up with the lights on all night” but boy you enjoyed the picture kind of way. Maybe it’s all the Freudian influences or the kind of like the thrill of riding the roller coaster, or death drop at the amusement park, you know you’ll be scared and you just can’t wait for it or maybe that Frank Langela is just hunky? Best for Scariest even thought it’s from the pre talkie era is Nosferatu….chilling

Seriously I’ve always loved the spooky, carving the pumpkin, dressing up and trick or treating that was Halloween. And as an adult, add not having to cook an elaborate meal for family like some of the other holidays on our social calendar. Even the year my mom dressed me and my sister up as twin born 5 years apart, green Martian bunnies – glorified green fleece footy pajamas, but I loved it. So what’s your favorite just for the fun of it holiday and why?


2 thoughts on “Just finished

  1. “You should start a blog, Laura, so we can keep up with the normal stuff in each other’s lives, and then we can just talk about everything else when we get a chance”

    It’s ok, love, I know some things are more important in life than keeping in touch with me. To your credit, though, I am now hooked on blogging (…again).

    Maude the pumpkin? That’s a beautiful name. I’ll have to keep that in mind… I have a tendency to name everything in sight.


  2. O.K. so maybe there was a little bit of emotional arm twisting…but I’m glad you’re into blogging again.

    Maude was the hit of the saints party.


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