Ah, the joys of homeownership

I am finally beginning to give in to this house and really try to get it painted and some changes, cosmetic mostly to make it some place I actually want to live.

I went out to buy some frames for some really great old pictures that were unearthed recently- early 19oo’s etc. I was searching for just the right look to make the pictures pop and keep the money under control so I could do all of them at once. I was planning to go back to Hobby Lobby to take advantage of the 50% sale on said frames that ends tomorrow. But I forgot one thing that when all is well, beware the Fates. In the bathroom while performing my nightly ablutions, I noticed that in front of our circa 1978 toilet, we had a small light blue lake. A delightful find when one is wandering through the forest, but in front of one’s commode at 1am, it lacks that air of discovery.

Now for those of you that know me, dealing with the porcelain god this is enough to throw me into a complete tiz, but add to that the cheap floor tile the previous owner had laid down three and a half years ago which is now bubbling up, and well, I lost it.

My husband comes home and I am in the midst of my cleaning and sanitizing said area, and he asks me…”Whatcha doin’ babe?” An innocuous question if I’m sitting reading a book, but at 1am in the bathroom, with the arsenal of cleaning equipment assembled…well, I realize it’s moments like this that I’m glad we’re married in the Church, bonded by Christ in a sacramental relationship, because if we were living together…I mean what really holds those relationships together?

Anyway I rant digressively, tomorrow we go to the local home emporium to peruse toilets and flooring material and then try to decide if we can DYI or hire someone. And I tackle with the fact that though the design sense is grand plans, the budget is meager chic. I’ll need some kind of tranquilizers before this project is through.


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